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With Xpatweb, you will receive a set of integrated services designed to support you before and after your arrival in Mauritius. These include a foreign exchange service; company structure and cross border planning, proactive non-residency status confirmation; opening local and foreign bank accounts; South African Reserve Bank clearances; tax planning, compliance and communication, as well as any customised requirements within our service range. We have a global team of more than 100 professionals, including immigration specialists, mobility practitioners, tax practitioners, attorneys and chartered accountants, and this unique skillset allows us to address your immigration and residence needs holistically.

Our well-established network of law, tax, and financial firms, including a leading Mauritian bank, will ensure a smooth transition into the Mauritian market while preserving your wealth

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Specialist Planning To Avoid Double Taxation

Mauritius is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from South Africa. This makes it still accessible to the “home of the heart”, but it gives South Africans the benefit of being outside SA’s monetary area for exchange control and tax purposes.

Once you have made the decision to relocate, it is important for people to follow the right procedures. You will need to show that they have no intention of returning to South Africa. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) will apply both the physical presence test as well as the ordinarily resident test to determine the tax status of individuals who are living and working abroad. Our team will assist you, where you meet the criteria, to obtain long term residency in Mauritius. This will give you have peace of mind that are well on your way to not being tax resident of South Africa. Especially where you have formalized your tax status with SARS and SARB by using the Financial Emigration process.


Mauritius has long been a popular holiday destination for South Africans, but recent concessions have made it easier for them to retire, live and work there. “In June 2020, the Mauritian government’s changes to investment thresholds, the extension of work, residence, retirement permits and attractive property acquisition options led to renewed interest,” says Xpatweb director Marisa Jacobs. Beyond its natural beauty, the island is known for its excellent private schools, reputable banking systems, regulatory certainty and technology-driven government systems. “The dispensation for owning property in Mauritius is far more flexible than in most other African countries. In Mauritius, a South African is allowed to purchase a property as a freehold or through a 99-year lease agreement with the option of renewal,” Jacobs says. Foreign nationals are required to invest $375,000 in property to qualify for the permanent resident permit.

“Financial incentives, combined with the close proximity to SA, will likely see more people moving to Mauritius in the future” Marisa Jacobs, director, Xpatweb. As featured in Everything Property / Business Day Home Front

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